Chassis Alignment

After an accident, there's a chance your vehicle's chassis, the structural framework of your vehicle, may be bent out of shape, affecting the way your vehicle drives and handles, how certain parts wear and tear, and the safety of your vehicle for you, your passengers and other road users.

Using our GlobalJig Koala Bench measurement and alignment rack we can compare the condition of your vehicle to its manufacturer specifications, allowing us to use precision tools to work your vehicle back into a pre-crash shape.

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Panel Repairs

Our team of experienced panel beaters and tradespeople have the skills necessary to mend any major panel damage on your vehicle, from scratches and dents to ingrained rust damage. We're equipped with the latest tools and equipment and able to work with all compositions of metal and plastic, and will return your vehicle to you looking like it had never been crashed.

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Paintless Dent Repair

In many cases with minor panel damage to your vehicle, only the metal below is bent out of shape, leaving the paint layer unscathed. In instances like this we have the necessary precision tools to smooth out the dent without having to resort to brute force tools and necessitate a costly repainting.

Paintless dent removal is a specialty service that not many crash repairers can perform, but we're proud to offer it to our customers. To find out more about paintless dent removal and how it can save you money, give us a call today!

Spray Painting

Artini Crash Repairs is fully equipped to handle any spray painting project you have, and is returned to you backed with a lifetime Spies Hecker guarantee of quality.

After we formulate an exact colour match for your vehicle from our range of premium Spies Hecker environmentally friendly waterborne paints, your whole vehicle or individual panels are taken into one of our purpose built spray booths and treated with a Spies Hecker PermaHyd Hi-TEC waterborne base coat. It's then refinished by one of our experienced spray painters before being left to cure in the booth under state of the art heat lamps. Your vehicle will be returned to you with a flawlessly smooth, even coat.

To find out more about our spray painting services, or to book your vehicle in for a new coat of paint, give us a call today!


In addition to the above, Artini Crash Repairs also offers the following services:

  • loan cars (subject to availability)
  • valet service within the local area (20km radius)
  • headlight re-UV coating
  • full interior and exterior detailing and polishing service, including re-sale tidy ups

Another important facet of our service is security; all vehicles in our workshop are insured against theft, backed up by 24-hour video surveillance for the ultimate in peace of mind.

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